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date published: 20-09-2018

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No.62500-2-01-3 Instruction Manual for Direct-Drive Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump Model GLD-137CC GLD-202BB Before using the product, be sure to read this manual.Read this manual before you install and operate the pump. Important safety information is highlighted as WARNING Important safety information is highlighted as WARNING and CAUTION instructions; you must obey these instructions.Fieldpiece ® Vacuum Pump with RunQuick™ Oil Change System OPERATOR'S MANUAL Models.Operation Manual Rotary vane vacuum pump (oil-lubricated) Type 063.3 - IE2 Type 0100.3 - IE2 Please read and pay attention Albert Fezer Maschinenfabrik.

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2 1. OIL FILL This vacuum pump has been tested at the factory and shipped with only trace amounts of oil. OIL MUST BE ADDED BEFORE OPERATING.travaini pumps usa operating maintenance manual liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors trh - trs - trm - trv - sa water sealed oil sealed (dynaseal.User manuals are part of the delivery scope. Should you need a replacement for current or older Leybold products, here are the most common manuals for download. Contact us if your product is not listed.× Diffusion Pump Oils Pump Oils, Hydrocarbon Pump Oils, Inert Fomblin PFPE Pump Oils, Inert Krytox PFPE Turbo Pump Oils, Greases, And Wicks Vacuum Greases Vacuum Sealants Chemically Inert PFPE HT Fluids Oil Clean Up And Handling Supplies Vacuum Hose And Hose Fittings.

It is your responsibility to: • Regularly inspect and make necessary repairs to product in order to maintain proper operation. • Make sure that pressure and vacuum is released.Oil-free Vacuum Pump SCROLLVAC SC 5 D SC 15 D SC 30 D SC 60 D Operating Instructions GA01423_002_A2.Standard accessories Motor, Oil for 1 pump, Operation manual Options * 5 Oil mist trap Oil mist trap, Gas ballast valve, Oil return mechanism, Helium tight, CE * 1 Measured with a Pirani gauge.DIJ - Oil Diffusion Pumps Most innovative design for best performance and efficiency High efficient vacuum pumps from Leybold, best suited for industrial high vacuum applications.