Maxspect razor 160w manual woodworkers

date published: 08-09-2018

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Maxspect R420r (Razor). The R420r LED Lighting System redefines the term efficiency, with temperature controlled cooling system.

Designed and introduced in 2012 by Maxspect, its simple yet effective design have revolutionized the aquatic industry, and this mount design havs since then been "adopted" by many of our competitors into their products, once again showing Maxspect is leading the industry in terms of revolutionary product designs.

Le top de l'éclairage LED ! Grâce aux nouvelles rampes led maxspect Razor, offrez à vos poissons et vos coraux, un éclairage idéal.

Cobra frs 115 manuals

3 Précautions d’utilisation Avant d’utiliser le système d’éclairage LED R420r Maxspect™ 1. Si présent, retirez le film protecteur des lampes LED avant toute utilisation.