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date published: 01-09-2018

Manual focus and concert photography, anyone pulled it off? 698/5000. Hi, I really want an 85mm f/1.4 AF lens. I can't afford an 85mm f/1.4 AF lens, but I can afford a MF one.I want to use it for concert photography, which I've recently got hooked on (I'm currently using a 50mm f/1.8 AF)Question is, does MF have a place in the world of concert.1) Aperture Priority Versus Manual Exposure Mode When deciding which lenses will work best for concert photography, you'll always come to the same .I would highly doubt the effectiveness of using manual focus for sports photography, if that was the best, there wouldnt be 15 grand autofocussing lenses, if you are having problems with hunting and out of focus shots, you most likely need to work on your panning technique, your camera does not have the ability to do this, or you have the autofocus settings wrong.

Feb 8, 2016 This is a slightly unusual topic for me: concert photography is something I've from my day job, I packed a couple of cameras and headed out the door. The final trick to make manual focus workable is to pull focus whilst .Feb 1, 2017 Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. Manual focus lenses come in wide variety and it's not just reserved to older vintage But I shoot 99% of my work in a room with no windows, so believe.“Most of the Concert Photographers I know do not have formal photography training – they are just passionate music lovers with a keen eye and a love of photography!” Simply having experience and a portfolio as a Music Photographer is important if one is hoping to get hired by an established, well-known media outlet or venue.

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Jul 22, 2016 When it comes to Concert Photography, nailing the autofocus can be However, if you don't want to manually focus your lens, then try these .Concert photography is one of the most challenging fields in photography, as opposed to posed photos; in this kind of photography we have no control of almost any parameter in the picture. We can’t direct the object being photographed, we do not have control over the lighting, which is constantly changing, and we do not have access to any angle.There are some very good examples of very wide angle concert zoom creep, but they work just as well to hold a focus ring in place. enter image description here. How well you can use a manual focus wide-angle lens really .

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Jun 6, 2011 The first thing I did was switch over to manual focus (I always shot in manual And, besides, real concert photographers don't have the luxury of shooting with down and taking more deliberate photos seemed to work better.Manual exposure is going to be your best bet for concert photography. Due to the large dynamic range of a concert, in which there can be very bright lights and deep shadows, any camera-metered mode can be easily fooled and produce poor exposures. As a result, manual mode is a much more consistent way of exposing images over auto modes like aperture priority or shutter priority.Hi All I've been trying to find a blog / useful hints and tips page for the brilliant HX60, (as personally I found the manual no help), similar I hope to the one I regularly looked at when I had an HX5, thus far I've been unsuccessful.

Apr 18, 2017 Most photographers try to get the focus point on a camera over the I do use back button focusing when I shoot film on the street but never at work. A lot of old-time photographers who grow up and used manual focus lens .Manual exposure is going to be your best bet for concert photography. Due to the large dynamic range of a concert, in which there can be very bright lights and deep shadows, any camera-metered.Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums.

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When should you use manual focus in concert photography? and you will have more time to anticipate and work on setting up shots based on predictions from .Concert Photography Manual Focus 2 Comments One of the settings I recommend is to use spot metering and place your subject in the center of the frame, so that a half press on the shutter button focuses with the autofocus points set up in your camera, prior to fully depressing the shutter.Also I took a look around and it seems plenty of people are shooting manual focus for concert photography. Some good articles I found on concert photography in general the OP might be interested.

I have been shooting more and more with manual focus. I use the widest aperture I can, usually f/1.4 or f/1.2. By manipulating my angle and position, I can (usually) get the neck of the guitar and the guitarist's head on the same focal plane. The rest does not matter (for that type of shot). Likewise, I can maneuver to get two or sometimes three musicians' heads on the focal plane. Focal.Mar 9, 2009 Single servo, or continuous AF? A look at choosing the right AF modes and camera settings for concert photography. Hi Todd, Which focusing .The correct concert photography settings are key to getting great photos in small and murky concert venues. Unfortunately, the automatic mode on your camera simply won’t do the trick and for a lot of concert photography beginners, the journey already ends at this early stage.